Luminaires with Dellux embedded LED chain management control, have extended operational life, and are the most energy efficient luminaires, when compared against all other options.

Luminaire LED chains are individually controlled by a microcontroller which

  • Varies & alternates the numbers of activated LED chains needed to maintain the designed lighting levels, and
  • Equalizes the time each chain is used.

3 Design Methodologies

“LEDs In a box”
Most common method

“Current Compensation”
An energy-saving alternative

Dellux “LED Chain management Control”
Greatest energy savings, longest life, using fewer LEDs with sustained light levels.

Dellux LED Chain Control Application

Simple & Low Cost

  • Bi-Level control
  • Alternates LED chains for uniform aging of each chain.
  • Area lighting, Street, Stairwell, Parking etc.

Complex & Higher Performance

  • Continuous light operation 12 to 24 hours a day.
  • Service Life of up to 20 years.
  • Tunnel, Street, Parking, Offices, Billboards etc…

LED degradation is compensated by controlling the number of LEDs turned On while maintaining the LED current constant during the whole luminaire lifetime. At start-of-life, a certain numbers of LEDs are turned On in order to reach the designed luminosity level; the number of LEDs On is then gradually increased, therefore maintaining a constant luminosity “Lr”. Dellux Energy Saving LED Dellux Energy Saving LED View More

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